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Do you want better lighting? Do you want to use less energy? Would you like a rebate to help pay for your project?  Let our award winning team help you today!
Interested in a free quote to learn about your potential rebate amount and energy savings?
In April of 2016 we were honored to have members of Ameren's Act on Energy Program come to our office and present us with a certificate for being one of their top allies for the second year in a row.

We have members of our team that have been doing rebates with the program since it's birth almost a decade ago.

We would be happy to schedule a walk through of your facility and give you a free quote including energy savings and potential rebate amount.
In May of 2016 H & H Industries was recognized at the annual program ally breakfast.  You have a choice of many contractors you can work with, do you want to choose an experienced one that you can trust? 

To date we have been able to get our customers rebates totaling $146,439.00 and we have reduced the energy load by 2,954,932 KWH.
T12 to T8 lamp and ballast replacement at Wildlife Prairie Park located just outside of Peoria, Il. Ballast have a five year warranty, lamp warranty is three to seven years depending on lamp preferred.
Incandescent to LED retrofit at Sky Harbor Steakhouse in Peoria, Il. All LED lamps installed have a three year manufacturer warranty. 90% energy reduction.
Retrofitting fluorescent fixtures on tower to LED at Red Lobster in Bloomington, Il. Three year warranty 80% reduction in energy.