H & H Lighting Maintenance

Some Recent Projects

These are just a few of the many projects that we have had the opportunity to work on over the last six months.


Upgrading a pole light to LED in Walgreens parking lot


Over the last year we have had the chance to help Walgreen's go green by switching to energy efficient LED. We have been welcomed to many Walgreen's stores including Peoria, Galesburg, Washington, and Normal.

Upgrading a pole light to LED outside Brimfield High School

Brimfield School District

The Brimfield School District gave us an amazing job letting us switch all of their inefficient pole lights over to all new energy efficient LED fixtures. In the grade school they gave us the opportunity to switch all of their interior lights to energy efficient LED as well.

Retrofitting a parking lot pole light to LED outside Red Lobster

Red Lobster

Our friends at Red Lobster are not only worried about giving people a delicious meal, but also in going green as well.